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Moving Supplies in Saanichton, BC

Keating Self Storage provides supplies for all your storage needs, all at near-cost price. Drop by our office or contact us via phone or online for more information on the following:



  • 1.5 cube box: 16 ¼”x12 ¼”x12 ½”
  • 2 cube box: 18”x15 ¼”x12 ⅕”
  • 4 cube box: 18 ¼”x18 ¼”x20 ½”
  • 6 cube box: 20”x20”x26”
  • Small mirror box
  • Large mirror box


  • Covers
  • Furniture cover (chair): 72”x44”
  • Furniture cover (sofa): 136”x44”
  • Mattress cover - queen
  • Mattress cover - king


  • Packing supplies
  • Bubble pack: 1/2”-24”x10”
  • Bubble pack: 3/16”-12”x30”
  • Dish pack
  • Glass pack
  • Paper: newsprint 25”30” (ten pounds)
  • Stretch wrap rolls
  • Tape
  • Tape gun with two rolls 50M tape




By stocking up on packing supplies in our office, you’ll save time and money you’d otherwise spend running all around town. Let us make your move easy!