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Saanichton, Victoria, Mill Bay, BC Self Storage Tips

  • When your condo is just too small.
  • When you’re enduring home renovations.
  • When your home is up for sale and you’re moving again.
  • When you have a lot of seasonal equipment – kayaks, snowboards, bikes... (or when you want to hide that
  • new toy from your partner).
  • When your business is growing but your space isn’t (store inventory or archives here).
  • When you’re escaping abroad (taxes, the weather, whatever, we don’t judge)
  • When your need to move the RV before your cousin decides to make it a permanent home.
  • When you care enough to hide the stuff from his bachelor days rather than just throwing it out

There are so many reasons to use Self Storage! There are also a few little steps that go into using is successfully so
we’ve included a collection of tips that may be of help. Sift through the topics to find advise on selecting a unit,
preparation and packing, insurance and more.