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Storage Basics Overview

Finding a storage unit doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task if you take into consideration the options and features you require before you start your search for the right facility.

Estimate how much space you will require. Use our storage calculator to help determine how large your locker should be. Note that at Rite Self Storage, we also provide storage for larger items including cars, campers and other motorized vehicles.

How often will you need to access the unit? Different facilities offer different access times. At Rite Self Storage you may access your unit anytime between 9am and 9pm in Mill Bay an between 7am and 9pm in Saanichton. We have a resident caretaker for emergencies at our Saanichton Facility. Call 250-652- 4491 in emergencies

Do you need drive-up access? If so, that is available at Rite Self Storage facilities.

Are any of the items you plan to store sensitive to temperature or humidity? If so, be sure to ask for a climate-controlled storage unit. Typically, the following items need to be stored indoors with some type of climate-control: leathers, furs, clothing, paintings, film, photographs, furniture, antiques, musical instruments, wine, paper, software, and electronics.

All storage facilities should have secure units, but if you require additional security for your possessions, you will find it at Rite Self Storage. We have alarmed perimeter security, security cameras and a 24-hour resident caretaker.

Check out more detailed storage tips on the left side of this page. There's a storage solution for every situation.